Some dog grooming tips that must not be ignored

Dog grooming, online pet grooming, grooming products, Online dog grooming kit, pet grooming products, Dog grooming products online, pet shop Online, Online pet store, Dog store India, Pet grooming online India,Pet care IndiaAdopting and taking care of pets is a matter of huge responsibility. Just feeding it and pampering it is not essential, grooming the dog appropriately is very crucial.

There are various criteria that need to be followed while grooming the dog, each one of these have to be fulfilled with equal importance so that grooming session for a dog is not incomplete.

Brushing the dog

Brushing the dog is the first thing that one has to remember while grooming it. Frequency of brushing the dog’s coat depends on the length of dog hair.

Dogs with long hair will require regular brushing to avoid any matt formation, dogs with medium hair length will require brushing at least thrice a week while dogs with short hair will require brushing twice a week.

Brushing provides a sense of relief to the pooch and also keeps away fleas and ticks away from the pooch’s hair. IndianPetStore provides different types of dog grooming combs which are designed for different types of dog coat.

Ear care

The ear is usually the most ignored part of dog grooming. Improper ear cleaning leads to infection in dog’s ear and which may consequently take a worse turn. Proper ear cleaning is done with the help of right ear bud, ear cleaner and of course the right way of doing so. Initially rake a vet’s help in cleaning the dog’s ear and buy the best ear cleaning products from a leading online pet store.

Nail trimming

Nail trimming must be done cautiously as if the dog gets hurt, it will develop a negative attitude towards the same. When nail trimming is done for the first time, it must be done very carefully and preferably by the suggestion of a vet. If the dog gets hurt then care must be taken to stop bleeding at once. One must be extra careful in trimming the dog’s nail.


Shampooing the dog is another thing that must not be ignored at any cost. Shampooing the dog depends on the dog breed so one must ask the vet regarding the same. Sometimes due to cold weather it may not be possible to bath it always so it is better to apply dry bathing on the pooch. One can get the necessary dry bathing products from leading pet store in India to assure proper grooming for the dog.

These some simple yet essential tips that is required for grooming the pooch in the most appropriate manner.

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